Homecoming Production Gig Log

Homecoming 2019 was a record setting event for Waubonsie Valley High School and Gathering Storm Media. The dance had over 1700 pre-sale tickets with more sold at the door. From a technical perspective, this was the the largest, most complicated setup for the GSM Crew: 44 moving head lights, 24 LED wash lights, 200′ of truss, special effects and more.

This gig log will walk you through the complex setup and highlight the gear used during the event. Bonus highlight footage of the dance itself.

Gear Used:

Lighting- 24x RH1 Rogue 1 Hybrid fixtures by Chauvet Professional | 4x Chauvet Intimidator 350 |morning 8x Elation Platinum Beam 5r | 18x Chauvet COLORdash Hex Par 12IP | 4x Blizzard RokBox | 2x Blizzard HotStik | 6x Atomic 3000 Strobe Light | 4x Par Can | 32x Custom LED Tubes | 2x ShowBaby Wireless DMX | Custom Vista by ChromaQ console (M1, S1, Touch Screen laptop & monitor)

Atmosphere- 4x Chauvet P7 Geyser | 2x Radiance Hazer | 17lbs Ultimate Confetti | 2x Custom Confetti Cannons

Truss/Rigging- 80′ Tomcat Box Truss (24″) | 40′ Global Box Truss (12″) | 90′ Global Triangle Truss (12″) | 4x Ton Chain Motors | 2x Global Truss ST-180 Lift | 4x 15′ Lift Tower | 80′ Black Curtain | 10 sections of 4’x8′ stage Bicycle Fence/Barricade

Audio- 8x Custom GSM Line Array Mid Highs | 8x Custom GSM Subwoofers | 2x DBX Drive Rack PA2 | 14x Behringer iNuke 6000 Behringer | X32 Rack Mixer w/ iPad Pro | 3x Sennheiser EW100 G4 Wireless Mic Sennheiser EW100 IEMs | Pioneer DDJ SZ2 | Pioneer XDJ-1000s Sennheiser | HD25 Pro Headphones | 2x MacBookPro | Serato DJ Pro