This year we partnered with a new school and wanted to give them the full GSM experience. Along the way we added a new feature to our bag of tricks, the PhotoWall by @RequestNow If you’re a DJ and haven’t heard of RequestNow, you need to check them out before your next gig. No, RequestNow isn’t sponsoring this post, I just really enjoyed their product. At its core, is a amazing company that helps track and automate the request process for DJs, but there are so many more features just below the surface. RequestNow can also be a tool to connect and interact with your audience and future clients.

One of my new favorite add ons from RequestNow is their PhotoWall service ( This is a super intuitive service that allows guests to text in pictures from the event and have them displayed on any connected device, whether that be a projector, TV, or video wall. Guests simply text their photos into a local number provided by RequestNow, no special app needed. From the DJ side, you get to review all pictures before sending them to the big screen. As the photos come in, the slide show automatically progresses and loops throughout the event. At the end of the event you have a photo album of candid pictures from your event. You can share this with the client, or even use the pictures for future social media posts.

Check out the gig log to see my team in action and a little bit more about the RequestNow PhotoWall.