Best Night of Your Life! Homecoming 2022 Gig Log

January 4, 2023DJ, Gig Log, Highlight

The Gathering Storm Media crew helped Waubonsie Valley break another homecoming record this year with over 1900 students in attendance! Our team continued to pull out all the stops for this outdoor festival style dance: massive stage, high energy lights, line array, cold sparks, haze geysers, DJ, hype duo and a live band. Our DJ … Read More

Our First Outdoor Homecoming!

November 30, 2021DJ, Gig Log

In Fall 2021 schools came back to life as restrictions were lifted, and GSM was ready to provide schools with an outdoor homecoming experience that would bring back the excitement that was missing during remote learning. Go behind the scenes the the GSM team to see what it takes to put on a homecoming dance … Read More

Live Performance at HoCo 2021

October 15, 2021Highlight, Production

Gathering Storm Media added an extra element to this year’s homecoming dance at Waubonsie Valley with a live performance from rapper & alumni Stevo Thompson. Four years earlier Stevo had reimagined and remixed the school fight song to be included in their school LipDub. This year his live performance helped usher school spirit into a … Read More

Saving Homecoming 2020 with a DriveThru Experience

December 28, 2020DJ, Gig Log

What do you do when Covid is shutting down the school dance industry? You remix the concept of the school dance. The GSM crew worked closely with the administration at Waubonsie Valley to create a unique, socially distant, pandemic friendly homecoming experience for their students in October of 2020. Behind the scenes gig log followed … Read More